Wondering what I'm doing right now?

On Sabbatical

I'm a stay-at-home fur dad right now.

My dad passed away in late 2019, his only wish was to make sure his dogs, Doc and Molly, had a good home -- my brother and I decided I should take care of them. Both of my parents were at home 100% of the time, so they've never known a life without their owners around and I decided to continue this.

Doc & Molly on my old guest bed

I've unintentionally followed FIRE since I was in college and I'm fortunate enough to be able to consider myself retired at the age of 36 if I choose -- that's still TBD. Also thinking about a career change, as programming (and investing) is pretty much all I've done.

Personal Side Projects

I'm still working on Hypercarry and Combat Math, where I've decided to expand it to other card games and table top games (particularly Dungeons and Dragons). Both of these were somewhat rewritten using a static site generator instead of a content manage system.

I'm also (slowly) working on relaunching Dexstr, my workout tracking app, on AWS with a completely new API rewritten in JavaScript instead of Rails. I say slowly because I haven't completely decided on the technology stack and figuring that out hasn't been a priority.

I stopped working on Basileus, my content management system for now. The project was trying to solve problems larger than I needed to worry about (and indirectly created more problems). As I alluded to earlier, Jamstack solved most of the problems I was working with, and my monolithic CMS written with Ruby on Rails wasn't a space I wanted to work in anymore.


In addition to my side projects, a former coworker connected me with someone interested in building an app in the sports gambling space.

I partnered with Colin Davy to launch Betscope. It's a tool to help education sports betters how they can make better decisions with their bets. Colin has built some interesting models that try to build a consensus value between books and uses that concensus to target outliers between competing sportsbooks.