Joyce Engmark (member at Our Saviour's, Confirmation friend)

I treasure my friendship with your Mom. She was my sunshine, when I needed a big smile and hug. She was the godliest woman I ever met. I am so sorry for your loss

Justin Engmark (Joyce's son)

Your mom was a wonderful woman and truly one of the most uplifting I've ever met! The hugs she'd give me at church were the type that made you feel loved through and through. She'll be greatly missed, but a part of her will be with you forever! Praying for your family.

Scott Miller (childhood neighbor, Chris's age)

Sorry about your loss. She took good care of us when we were kids.

Scott Sonnek (childhood neighbor, slightly older than Chris)

I have many memories growing up with you guys and her, she was a great mom always making sure sure we had plenty of stuff to do.

Becky Wolf Kaarbo (Aubrey's Godmother)

Nancy...always making sure people are well fed both physically and emotionally/spiritually!