Bedtime Reading #9

A fairly quick post today. I saw a really cool video about projection mapping, some advice on working out, and a lot about user interface design.

Box Demo

Box from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.

I don’t have much to say about this video. I just thought it looked really cool, so I decided to share it. I know that’s not very insightful, but it’s still worth it.

99.99% of Guest Bloggers Don’t Do This & It Kills Their Conversions


Unbounce offers so good advice for guest blogging. I like most of the ideas presented in the article with one minor caveat; I don’t like the personalized page idea unless you you use the HTTP headers to determine the referral. I’d rather see a “Guest Post” page somewhere within your blog’s structure and redirect all guest post links to that one specific page. It’s rather annoying to be subscribed to a blog and see “Welcome Blah Blah Blah Readers to My Blog” come across the RSS feed every week or so.

Optimizing UI icons for faster recognition



Image recognition and links is something that I’ve preached for about as long as I’ve worked on web sites and I’m glad to see that a recent study supports my argument. As the article suggests, when it’s possible to include an image or icon with text, once the user associates the image with the link, accessibility improves. In almost all usability studies I’ve seen, users tend to click on images or text when navigating  an interface. Take advantage of it.

On Writing Interfaces Well



The Signal vs. Noise blog by 37signals always offers great advice and this is just another solid post about how important words are. I’ve read studies regarding conversion rates on long copy pages and they tend to have a higher conversion rate than pages that have their opt in above the fold (and only above the fold). Remember that you need to build trust before you can convert.


6 Truths About Exercise That Nobody Wants to Believe



I saved James Clear’s advice on exercise for last. I’m actually using the ideas from this post as inspiration for a website (and mobile phone app) that I hope to will release by the end of the year (if you don’t hear about it by the end of 2013, please yell at me by any means possible).

That’s it. Let me know in the comments below what you thought about what you saw today.